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CMC Presents: Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Thursday, August 22nd at 7pm

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Film Lineup

The Colorado Mountain Club is excited to host its 3rd annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival World Tour. The festival tour brings together the best of Wild and Scenic films in a 2-hour program that leaves people feeling inspired and motivated to go out and make a difference in their community and around the world. The films expose people to forward-thinking ideas and global awareness. The chosen films not only highlight environmental concerns but also provide solutions, reaching people through beautiful imagery like the sweeping landscapes of the world --- and inspiring local individuals to get involved in stewardship projects to give back to the areas they recreate in and love.

Considered the largest film festival of its kind, this year’s films combine stellar film-making, beautiful cinematography and first-rate storytelling to inform, inspire and ignite solutions and possibilities to restore the earth and human communities while creating a positive future for the next generation. Festival-goers can expect to see Award-winning films about nature, community activism, adventure, conservation, water, energy and climate change, wildlife, environmental justice, agriculture, Native American and indigenous cultures. Here is a sneak peek of one of the many films you will see at Wild & Scenic.

This short documentary is about Georgena Terry, founder of Terry Bicycles. Terry revolutionized the women’s biking industry by creating a frame specific to a woman’s body. This is the story of how she got her start and the challenges within the women’s biking movement:   

Come check out the rest of the films on August 22nd at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, CO. See you then!     

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 2013 WSFF Film Lineup 


The Story of Change

Free Range Studios, The Story of Stuff Project | ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE/ACTIVISM

Can shopping save the world? The Story of Stuff Project teamed up with Free Range Studios to create "The Story of Change" because shopping your values is a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop. In this video Annie Leonard walks through key ingredients for successful change-making: a big idea, commitment to work together, and citizen action. Watch this short animation and learn how you can flex your citizen muscle! (USA, 2012, 6min)


Generation Green

Briony Benjamin, Laura Noonan | ENERGY

Generation Green follows the journey of Patrick Hearps, a young chemical engineer working at an oil refinery, as he becomes increasingly concerned about his companies contribution towards adverse climate change. Torn between his career and a higher obligation of environmental stewardship, his personal struggle reflects the great dilemma of our generation. Patrick's courageous choices and eventual path forward highlight the actions needed to shape the world of tomorrow. (Australia, 2012, 13min)


Cafeteria Man: Memphis Schools Makeover

Richard Chisolm, Sheila Kincade

Cafeteria Man: Memphis Makeover is the continuing story of Chef Tony Geraci's journey to reform school lunch programs nationwide. After the release of the film Cafeteria Man, which chronicled the extraordinary school lunch reform effort that Tony lead in Baltimore, the city of Memphis Tennessee approached him with a deal he couldn't refuse. That was to work with a community where he would receive the support and the funding to do show what was possible to change the lunch and as it turns out breakfast and dinner programs. Now Tony serves 200,000 meals a day in Memphis, and what a menu it is! (USA, 2012, 6min, D)


Two Laps


Val and Pete have been swimming together every morning for the past seventeen years. Once a year they have a race, two laps up and back. Best International Short, Film Rushes. (Australia, 2010, 5min)


Black Inside-Three Women's Voices

Rodney Rascona, Russ Haan, Phil Tidy | ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE/ACTIVISM

Nearly half the planet still cooks over an open fire. The toxic smoke created from the basic act of cooking, kills nearly 2 million people each year and is the 5th largest killer of people worldwide. This film raises awareness about the problems which half the world's women face each day, simply by cooking over open fire, and to highlight the astonishing impact a low-cost, locally produced, clean cookstove can have on a woman's household. The film highlights three dignified women from three countries who regardless of their cultural differences or the hardships endured, share the same aspirations of a better life for their children and demonstrate how a simple stove can bring extraordinary change. Best PSA, New York Tribeca Theater. (USA, 2012, 12min)


The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Guillaume Blanchet | JUST FOR FUN

I love being on a bike. It helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After 382 days spent riding through the streets of Montreal, being sometimes quite cold, sometimes quite hot - and sometimes quite scared, I dedicate this movie to him. Best Short Film, Francophone FF; Jury, Boston Bike FF; People's Choice, Bike Reel FF. (Canada, 2012, 3min)


Georgena Terry

Amanda Zackem | ADVENTURE

This short documentary is about Georgena Terry, founder of Terry Bicycles. Terry revolutionized the women's biking industry by creating a frame specific to a woman's body. This is the story of how she got her start and the challenges within the women's biking movement. (USA, 2012, 6min)


Public Lands, Private Profits: Too Special to Drill

Pierre Kattar, Tom Kenworthy, Christy Goldfuss | ENERGY

The Center for American Progress, in partnership with the Sierra Club, undertook a series of video mini-documentaries that revealed three places held in the public trust threatened by pending proposals to mine and drill in or around them. In Part Three, natural gas drilling would bring an ignoble end to Wyoming’s spectacular Noble Basin and its residents’ exceptional way of life. (USA, 2012, 6min) 


Facing Climate Change: Oyster Farmers

Benjamin Drummond, Sara Joy Steele | CLIMATE CHANGE

Kathleen Nisbet and her father, Dave, farm oysters in Washington’s Willapa Bay. They recently shifted some of their business to Hawaii, after ocean acidification started killing baby oysters in local hatcheries. This short film is part of a series that explores global climate change through people who live and work in the Pacific Northwest. (USA, 2012, 5min)


Old Breed, The

Rufus Lusk, Freddie Wilkinson | ADVENTURE

“Getting to the top matters.” So says Mark Richey as he prepares to climb Saser Kangri II, at 7,518 meters the world’s second highest unclimbed mountain. In “The Old Breed”, co-director and alpinist Freddie Wilkinson takes us with him on an adventure of true exploratory alpinism. Climbing with Richey and Steve Swenson, both in their 50s, we watch as they push the limits of physical health and will power and experience first hand the monumental risks that climbers are willing to take to be the first to stand atop a mountain. (USA, 2012, 25min)