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Trip Leader School (TLS)


Leading trips can be a CMC member’s most important and rewarding activity: important because it is the heart and soul of the Club, rewarding because no CMC activity serves better purposes.


Nothing is more important than bringing a group home from a hiking or climbing trip without accident or incident. It’s not that the risks in the mountains are so high, but that the consequences are too severe to risk untrained, unprepared or unknown trip leaders.


The knowledge and skills of CMC trip leaders are known to us because we train them ourselves.  The Denver Group alone offers 25 schools, from Wilderness Trekking School to highly technical mountaineering schools, taught by some of the most experienced and capable instructors in Colorado.


The rewards of leading trips are huge. Trip leaders not only get to share with others the knowledge and skills they’ve learned, they get to hike or climb when and where they want, and set their own pace.


Trained and experienced trip leaders are the most vital resource and valuable asset the Club has to offer. What motivates us to lead in the first place is that we get so much in return.


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Director: Uwe Sartori,