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Colorado Mountain Club Adventure Travel trips open the world to you. With trips to over a dozen destinations, you're sure to find the right fit for your next adventure.





Fall Bike Tour - Photo Credit Colorado Office of Tourism

Independence Pass Bike Tour


Explore fall colors with this Independence Pass Road Bike Tour. Cover over 80 miles lined with shimmering golden aspen tress, inspiring mountains and alpine tundra on this 4-day road-bike tour. Starting at Glenwood Springs, and ending at Twin Lakes, on Independence Pass, we will bike the legendary Highway 82 and celebrate our adventure and the autumn colors at the Windspirit Cabins!

Just 8 Available Places, Book Now 

Date:October 3-6, 2019  - Price from $665


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Colorado - Independence Pass Fall Bike Tour

Explore fall colors with this Independence Pass Road Bike Tour. Cover over 80 miles lined with shimmering golden aspen tress, inspiring mountains and alpine tundra on this 4-day road-bike tour. Starting at Glenwood Springs, and ending at Twin Lakes, on Independence Pass, we will bike the legendary Highway 82 and celebrate our adventure and the autumn colors at the Windspirit Cabins!

Book Your Space on this Fall Tour Date: October 3-6, 2019  - Price from $665

Nepal - Trekking Annapurna Sanctuary

Annapurna Sanctuary, a shimmering mountain ringed glacier basin in the heart of the Annapurna Himal, is one of the most intensely scenic short treks in Nepal, offering great cultural and geographical diversity as well as outstanding mountain views. Part of the appeal of this 11 day trek is that such an incredible, huge glacial cirque is so quickly reached—it takes only five days to hike up to it! At the Sanctuary, you’ll be surrounded by the highest peaks of the western Annapurna Himal. The 360-degree views are indescribably beautiful, especially at sunset, when the peaks glow with a molten radiance. Annapurna Sanctuary was rated by National Geographic as #18 out of the 100 most beautiful places in the world.

Click Here For More Information Date: October 18 - November 3, 2019  - Price from $2,878


The Portugal Camino Coastal Route.

The Portuguese Coastal route is the second most popular Camino route and for good reason—it’s stunningly beautiful, filled with charming villages, and loaded with delicious food. Our route hugs the scenic seaside of Portugal and Spain before heading inland to arrive in Santiago de Compostela. During our 18-day trip, we miss the peak season crowds and enjoy cool, crisp weather as we walk along beautiful ancient pathways. We’ll stay in unique, upscale 3 and 4-star hotels. We only need to carry day packs, as our luggage will be delivered to our lodgings each day. This 145 mile+ walking adventure offers a blend of spiritual reflection, a stretch of the legs, and rich cultural immersion.

Click Here for More Information Date: October 5-22, 2019  - Price from $2775

Slovenian Alps

Slovenia - Trek The Best of the Slovenian Alps 2020

Why Slovenia? What is Slovenia? Where is Slovenia? Join us on this  amazing 14-day hiking tour in the Slovenian Alps. This adventure is the ultimate tour for all nature lovers who would like to take part in some serious hiking while savoring authentic Slovenian culture. From trekking in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Julian Alps, to discovering the mountain pastures and stunning waterfalls of the Soca Valley, you will enjoy a trip of a lifetime.  

Click Here for More Information  Date: August 23 -September 6 2020. Price from $4931

Glacier National Park in Winter

Glacier National Park & Whitefish Ski & Snowshoe Adventure 2020

Glacier National Park in the winter is magical; snow hanging in the cedars, frozen lakes, waterfalls and desolate peaks create a landscape unlike any other. Exploring it in the winter on skis, cross country skis, or snowshoes is not only gorgeous, but has the added benefit of being an off-peak time, so you can enjoy the scenery without the crowds. This trip has options for downhill skiing in addition to two guided backcountry ski tours in Glacier National Park. The 3-star lodging in Whitefish, Montana includes full breakfasts, plus shuttle service to and from the airport, the downhill ski area, and downtown. Join us August 27th at 6.30pm for our Armchair Traveler Presentation, meet the trip leaders and learn more.

Click here for more information  Date: February 18-23, 2020.  Price from $1310.

Japan 2020

Japan, Koyoto Culture & Kumano Koto Trek 2020



Experience Japan at the peak of cherry blossom time! Spend three days exploring the rich history of Kyoto, once the Imperial capital of Japan. Visit a variety of shrines, temples, beautiful gardens and interesting neighborhoods with a local guide and on our own.  Attend a traditional geisha dance performance. Then, travel by train to Tanabe and enjoy this coastal town before heading up into the mountains of the Kii Peninsula for our 8-day guided trek along the UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage route of the Kumano Kodo. Travel by train from the end of the trek to Osaka, a vibrant modern Japanese city ripe for exploration.


Click Here for More Information. Dates: April 5-20, 2020. Price from $4975.

Cherry Blossoms

A walking excursion from Osaka and Koyasan along the Nakasendo Way. Here you'll experience timeless traditions, spiritual and iconic scenery and be immersed in rural historic Japan. In Osaka, you'll explore the energetic Dotonbori neighborhood before heading to Koyasan, a Buddhist temple complex. We’ll move on to the Nakasendo Way, an Edo-period (1603-1868) long-distance track connecting the then-imperial capital of Kyoto to the shogunate capital of Edo (now called Tokyo). This 7-day walk passes through 11 of the Nakasendo’s 69 Post Towns that provided accommodation, fresh horses and porters to the travelers. Your guided trip ends in Tokyo, where you may enjoy last-minute shopping or local traditional Japanese food and culture.

Click Here for More Information - Dates: April 21 - May 5, 2020. Price from $4140

Hiking The Dolomites & Italian Culture


Hike Italian style in the colorful Dolomites in North East Italy! Discover an area rich in historical tradition. Enjoy easy casual day hikes in the old WWI battlefields and on other unforgettable ridge lines. Using an extensive ski lifts system we will reach those higher elevations effortlessly and drink in the view.


This 10-day trip starts in Milano, visiting Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and the Italian Gothic Duomo. One week in Corvara at a family-run hotel with gourmet food and an entertaining Italian cooking class. There will be plenty of activities if you feel like taking some days off from hiking; with electric bike trips, to lounging by the pool to a Via Ferrata climb or even a round of golf. There is something for everyone.

Save The Date - June 2020.

Steamboat Springs

In State Outing (ISO) - Steamboat Springs - Trip Full

Join us this year for the historic and annual In State Outing in Steamboat Springs. We will be camping, hiking, biking, tubing, fishing, and generally celebrating all the greatness of this beautiful state with fellow outdoor adventurers. We will go explore the ski resort, nearby trails, trek up Hahns Peak and soak in the Strawberry Hot Springs. The In State Outing has been going on since our founding, and we plan to bring the fun, good food, and camaraderie to a new level this year. Join us!

Click Here For More Information Date: July 28 - August 2, 2019   Price: From $575


Norway - Trekking Fjords and National Parks -Trip Full

Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun, a place where you will find some of the most magical mountain landscapes in the world. This beauty has earned Norway a well-deserved reputation as a major hiking destination in Europe. You will meet a kind and proud people who will enthusiastically share with you their love for the mountains. Take a walk on the wild side and discover why the locals can't get enough of nature in this spectacular land.

Click Here For More Information Date: August 18 - September 1, 2019   Price: From $5365

Switzerland - Tour du Mont Blanc - FULL

Hike one of the world’s classic treks on this incredible journey around majestic Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. The Tour du Mont Blanc encircles this amazing massif, nicknamed the “Monarch of the Alps.” At an elevation of 15,777 ft, glaciers cover approximately 40 square miles of Mont Blanc—hence its name, meaning “white mountain.” 

This challenging trek is a 107-mile circuit with 6.2 miles of elevation gain and loss, and spectacular scenery. You'll hike 5-9 hours a day through stunning mountain passes, verdant meadows, lush forests, and glacial valleys.  You'll cross the borders of France, Italy and Switzerland on foot. Prepare to be inspired and reconnect with nature.

Click Here For More Information Date: August 20-September 4, 2019  

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins Bike & Hike Adventure, Cedar Mesa, Utah. - FULL

Spend 5 days mountain biking, hiking, and camping in the heart of Ancient Puebloan country in southeastern Utah’s Cedar Mesa region in what we still consider to be Bears Ears N.M.  This vehicle-supported adventure takes you across high plateaus and into canyons to extraordinary but little known Anasazi ruins. Discover rock art, cliff dwellings, and intriguing evidence of civilizations of long ago.

Date: September 24-28, 2019  - Price from $695


Kilimanajaro - The Umbwe Route 

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent making it one of the “Seven Summits”. It is also the only place in the world where one can pass through five different temperate zones in as many days starting off in a jungle and ending in an alpine environment. Our 7-day climb to the “Roof of Africa” will starts in a jungle canopy at 6500’ and ascends via the scenic and untamed Umbwe Route. We will be supported by Chagga porters who have lived and accompanied expeditions dating back to the earliest exploratory trips. This bucket list adventure has a limited number of spaces available, add it to your calendar now.

Book Now, Space is Limited to 15 People. Date:September 30-October 9, 2019  - Price from $3,895

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