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Triglav National Park

Ultimate Peru Cultural and Multi-Sport Adventure

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May 26 -
June 8, 2017

CMC Members:  $3,580 
Non-Members: $3,975

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Trip Description

This cultural and multi-sport adventure tour is for the person who desires a route off the beaten path and who wishes to experience local life and a part of the region that has not changed much in 500 years. We’ll have unique and meaningful interactions with the local people, experience the amazing citadel of Machu Picchu, visit various Inca archaeological sites, hike, mountain bike, and zip line, all while giving back to the communities of the region. We’ll begin with a trek to the lesser known Rainbow Mountain, a geological festival of colors, where we’ll summit at 16,400 feet and have spectacular views of Ausangate, the highest peak in the Cusco region at 20,295 feet. From there, we’ll work our way towards the Lares trek and provide outreach to the village of Waca Wasi, teaching (wilderness) first aid and later soak in the hot springs. The approximate 45+ km (28 miles) Lares cultural trek offers spectacular scenery and a more intimate experience inside the lives of rural Quechuan life. Passing through points along the way at 13,000 and 14,000 feet, we’ll see little children, farmers, and textile weavers, beautiful potato fields, alpaca herds, and maybe even some chinchillas. Many of these villages produce some of the finest textiles, so be sure to bring a little extra cash so you can purchase some of these extraordinary pieces at bargain prices. Toward the end of the Lares trek, we bike down to the town of Ollantaytambo and zip line in the afternoon. We adventure through the Sacred Valley and visit many amazing Inca sites. Then we make our way to Machu Picchu where we spend quality time exploring this amazing wonder of the world and continue to learn the story of the Incas. We’ll end our tour at Lake Titicaca and visit the floating island of Uros; learn about the unique culture of Taquile Island; and hike to the highest point on Amantani Island, watch the sunset, and stay the night with a local family.

This hike and tour are not technical in skill, but do require distance and altitude conditioning, reaching passes over 14,000 feet and a summit at over 16,000 feet. Walking pace will be moderate. One should be in good physical condition. 

This trip includes all meals, hotels/homestay/camping, transportation and transfers, tips, tents, dining tent, entrance tickets to Inca sites, Machu Picchu, and Wayna Picchu, bike rental and gear, zip line tour, island tours, English speaking local guide, chefs, porters, and horsemen. The village outreach portion of this trip is eligible for tax credit (ask leader for details).

Not included are airfare, trip insurance, personal snacks, souvenirs, and miscellaneous.

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Most are 3 star hotels. The hostel in Lares is 2 stars. Overnight camping with chef providing meals, prices based on double occupancy. Single occupancy TBD upon final count (approximately +$500 –expense being single hotel room). English speaking tours (guide also speaks Spanish and Quechua). All transportation/transfers included. All tips/meals included. All entrance tickets to archeological sites, including Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu.

Type of Activity / Level of Activity

Hiking with distance and elevation gain – Level C. We’ll be reaching elevations of 14,000 to 16,000 feet. Not technical. Also light downhill mountain biking (about 12 miles), zip lining, and ferry boat transfer on Lake Titicaca.

Skills and Training requirements

Able to hike distances of 10-12 miles with 3,000 ft elevation gain o
ver several
consecutive days. Open mind/flexibile/curious about cultures. Spirit fo
r giving back.
Able to hike distances of 10-12 miles with 3,000 ft elevation gain o
ver several
consecutive days. Open mind/flexibile/curious about cultures. Spirit fo
r giving back.

Able to hike distances of 10-12 miles with 3,000 ft elevation gain over several consecutive days. Open mind/flexibile/curious about cultures. Spirit for giving back

Pre-trip activities

Two day hikes, Class C in months leading up to trip. Hikes/Dates TBD.


Trip Leader: Angie Parris-Raney

Angie Parris-Raney began her journey that led her to the CMC in 2008 with a volunteer trip to Ayacucho, Peru. The organization with whom she volunteered was there to help people use their available resources and find their way through poverty. Angie worked with women and children in a Wawa Wasi, a grassroots program to provide daycare for women living in poverty. At the end of that trip and sick with a bronchial infection, she hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and quickly connected to a local guide who helped nurse her along the way. Having a heart to keep exploring this culture and to continue giving back, she returned the next year and worked in an orphanage for children with disabilities and reconnected with her Peruvian friend to hike the Lares trek, continuing to provide outreach to the small communities. Eventually, Angie formed a non-profit, in partnership with her Peruvian friend - Project Inti. Since 2011, they have helped nearly 2,000 people in various villages with only a few thousand dollars and the help of about a dozen volunteers.

After that first trip to Peru in 2008, Angie returned to Colorado and began hiking the 14ers. At peak 15, she read the book “Colorado 14er Disasters” and decided to take some wilderness survival skills training with the CMC. That first class on Wilderness Survival opened doors and she quickly discovered the rich resources and education that the CMC has to offer and wanted to be a part of that mission. In addition to Wilderness Survival School, Angie has completed Backpacking School, Alpine Scrambling School, Basic Rock Climbing School, Avalanche Awareness School, Trip Leader School, Advanced Trip Leader School, and Wilderness First Aid. She is a CMC trip leader for local hikes as well as Adventure Travel. Angie led the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu trip independently and with the CMC in 2012. Like most of us, she is out in the Colorado mountains hiking, biking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and skiing as much as possible. She is proficient in Spanish and continues her studies with Spanish speaking natives from Argentina and Chile. Angie has lived as an exchange student in Holland and Mexico, studied Thai massage in Thailand, and has immersed herself in the cultures of Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, and Italy.

To fund these outdoor adventures, Angie works as a part-time massage therapist and full-time salesperson for the nation’s largest massage therapy association.