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Trip Details

Date Saturday  1/27/2018
End Date
Group Shining Mountains
Event Title West & Middle Glacier Knobs Loop (RMNP)
Start Time 8:00 AM
Status Complete
Leader Pete Langer
Member Price Free
Non-member Price Free
Available Participants No tickets left
Waitlist Participants 1
Type Trip
Trip Type Snowshoe
Pace Casual
Classification Moderate B
Trail Mileage 5.5
Elevation Gain 1,600'
Driving Distance


Our hike today will be to the "West & Middle Glacier Knobs" in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We will meet at 8:00 AM in the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center (BMVC) parking lot and carpool from there to the Bear Lake Trailhead.  There are bathrooms at both BMVC and the trailhead.  At the BMVC meeting place, please park in the outbound lane spots farthest from the Visitor Center building (and closest to the parking lot exit).  A Park Pass will be required for each car we take into the Park so, if you have one, please bring it.

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Contact your trip leader, Pete Langer, at or voice at 970-227-3614.


It's a little known fact but snowshoes were invented because of this winter hike.  Kidding, of course, but snowshoes will be required on this route so please bring them.  Join us for this fun, adventuresome, yet moderate-effort outing much of it off trail.  In the process, we'll ascend through a narrow gorge, visit three popular lakes, tag two granite-domed summits, and visit three pretty, unnamed ponds tucked away where few ever visit.  This will be a loop hike.

From the Bear Lake Trailhead (9,450'), we will take the standard summer trails (past Alberta Falls, etc.) to the Loch/Mills trail junction then hike into the Icy Brook drainage.  The upper section is a steep, narrow gorge which can only be tracked in winter.  Icy Brook is the outflow creek of The Loch (10,180') which we will visit after exiting the gorge.  After some picture taking at The Loch, we will take off cross-country into the forest and climb the West Glacier Knob (10,280'). This bare granite outcrop offers magnificent views of both the valley we've just left and the beautiful Glacier Gorge with Longs Peak above it.  The final 30' to the top will be a scramble on slab granite which will likely require the removal of our snowshoes.  It's easy - no worries!  From the knob we will descend into the forest again to a hidden gem of a pond known locally as "Serendipity Pond". From the pond we'll begin a little out-and-back romp to the summit of the "Middle Glacier Knob" once again removing our snowshoes for the final few feet.  If conditions are good, we'll take our lunch break on top of this knob; otherwise, we'll eat upon our return to Serendipity Pond.  From the pond, we will follow its outflow creek into the forest and plunge through deep snow and down very steep terrain. Despite the steep gradient, the soft, powdery snow in the trees here makes the descent quite enjoyable. In fact, there will be ample opportunities to test the fabric on the seat of one's pants!  We will eventually reach the Lake Haiyaha Trail, cross it, then continue northward towards two more hidden, unnamed ponds known locally as "UB2" and "UB1".  At this point, we will be bushwhacking in the literal sense of the word.  From UB1 we will head NNW, again bushwhacking but in reasonably open terrain, for about 0.4 undulating miles until we reach Nymph Lake.  We will return to Bear Lake and the Bear Lake Trailhead via a "hidden" ranger trail thereby bypassing the Saturday tourist throng.

Snowshoes will be required for this outing.  We will likely carry them along the packed-snow trail until we reach the Loch Vale Gorge so please have a means of strapping them to your pack.  From that point to the end of the hike you will be in very deep snow!  Gaiters, trekking poles, MicroSpikes (or similar shoe traction devices), and snow pants are highly recommended. Trailhead to trailhead time will be in the vicinity of 6 hours. Our pace will be casually comfortable.




Snowshoes will be required.  Gaiters, trekking poles, MicroSpikes (or similar shoe traction devices), and snow pants will be extremely helpful.  It can also be extremely windy at The Loch.  You might want to carry goggles and something to cover your face.  For the most part, this trip will be out of the wind.  This hike was previewed on Saturday, 01/13, and snow conditions were outstanding but the wind was crankin' at 40+.  I will keep the group posted on trail conditions and forecasted weather as we get closer to the hike date.

Sorry it is past the registration deadline for this event.