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Event Details

Date Wednesday  11/13/2019
Group Denver
Event Title Photography Section Monthly Meeting: Post processing and artistic expression
Status Approved
Leader Frank Burzynski
Co-Leader Selma Kristel
Group Price Free
Available Participants 23
Type Members Only (Programs/Education)


7PM American Moutaineering Center 1st Fllor Conference Room A

Larry KarasevichArtistic Expression:How far should you go in post-processing?

About Larry and the Presentation:

When  I  first  started  shooting  photographs  in  the  mid-1970s  (as  a  poor  college student), my goal was to capture on film (Kodachrome 64) the beautiful landscapes that I would visit.  If the photograph captured what my eyes saw, I was satisfied.  But cameras even today are not always able to capture things as I see them. For example,  our  eyes  can  handle  about  24  f-stops  of  dynamic  range  with  pupil changing and about 10-14 f-stops with the pupil fixed; today, digital cameras can only handle about 5-11 f-stops of dynamic range with a single shot.  In the mid-70s, I didn’t have many affordable options to compensate for the limitations of camera and film. But today’s digital photographer has many options, particularly in the post-processing world of Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop (PS). The question today is not so much “Can I make my picture look like what I saw?”, but “How much further into the creative realm of artistic expression do I want to go?”I attended my first Photo Symposium this summer in Sedona, AZ in August.  More than a dozen professional photographers (mostly landscape) shared their images RAWW
3and how they created them with an audience of about 150 avid amateurs. Nobody was interested in documentary photography (creating an accurate representation of what they saw). Everyone was talking about photography as an art form.  Just as a painter uses brushes and paint to create a landscape based on what they see but adding their own artistic expression, so today’s photographer uses a camera and LR/PS to artistically create images.My own personal answer to “How far should I go?” was stretched in Sedona.  But I’m  still  exploring  what  feels  right  for  me.    Should  I  clone  out  unwanted distractions?  Should  I  add  clouds  to  the  sky  to make  the  shot  more  dramatic? Should I stretch the image vertically to make the mountains look more impressive?  There are plenty of tools available...which should I use?  I’m still exploring and learning, and I want to hear from others in the group about howthey personally answer the question...i.e. “What do they feel comfortable doing and why?”In the first hour, I’ll be borrowing an idea from Rick Sammon’s book “Evolution of an Image”. I’ll be illustrating several basic and advanced editing techniques to add artistic  expression  to  my  images  by  showing  what  the  camera  took  (mostly RAW and a few JPEGs), and then the final edited image.  I’ll discuss what I did and why.RAWW


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