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Quick Start Schools

“Quick Starts” are a series of seminars that highlight topics about recreating in Colorado.  They’re a great place to learn something new, or refresh something familiar! 

Seminars are held at the American Mountaineering Center, local open spaces, or hosted by CMC outdoor community partners.  Cost is $10 for CMC members / $15 for non-members


Climbing Spring Snow

Colorado's mountains are full of couloirs -- steep, narrow valleys of snow between rock cliffs -- that ripen for climbing every spring. They're the perfect place to learn and hone true mountaineering skills, including using technical gear such as ice axes and crampons. Join Colorado Mountain Club trip leader Jeff Golden for an evening discussion on favorite routes, modern gear and techniques, snow safety, and everything else you need to know to tackle your next (or first!) snow climb.


Improving Fitness, Stamina and Speed

Kathy Zawadski, Director Endurance Sports Division with The FAST Lab  and co-author of Eat Right to Train Right will speak to improving fitness, stamina and speed.  Kathy works with all levels of athletes: recreational, elite and competitive.  Come and learn how to dial it in for your adventures.


Negotiating Off Trail Rocky Terrain

Ascending and descending our beautiful Colorado peaks often involves travel over difficult and rocky terrain.  We encounter talus, scree, loose dirt and other hazards in our off-terrain travel.  Ken Yaphe is a CMC Trip leader and Senior Instructor with Alpine Scrambling Course.  As our summer hiking and peak bagging season approaches, learn how we can tailor our approach as the terrain conditions change.


Trip Planning

Do you enjoy participating in the CMC Hikes listed on the calendar?  Do you want to learn more about planning your own adventures?  Trip planning involves homework ... as the wording planning indicates.  Learn from one of CMC's most popular leaders Carol Munch on how to research and plan a trip; from selecting a hike suitable to your group, making a topographical map, estimating the timeline and checking the weather and other hazards.  Carol Munch will speak to creating your own trip plan.


Scrambling with Dave Cooper

What is scrambling? Where are some nice ridges to explore? Dave Cooper is an accomplished mountaineer and the author of the guidebook,  Colorado Scrambles: Climbs Beyond the Beaten Path. Come and learn a little about this off trail, unroped travel and hear about Dave's adventures.  Dave's wife Ginni will be available if participants want to purchase the guidebook at the lecture.


5 Epic Endurance Secrets for Long-Distance Hikers (Webinar)

Ready to hike further than you ever dreamed was possible? Then, this workshop is for you. Sarah Mauer, the speaker, is a fitness coach who helps hikers get into the best shape of their lives. Learn the 5 fitness fundamentals you must master to climb your mountain, hike your thru-hike, or crush your ultraendurance race. We'll cover: a 5-step plan to help you finish your goal hike (with energy to spare); the key to staying mountain fit 365 days a year; and how to build epic endurance at any age. Note: This Quick Start Seminar is a webinar; enjoy the lecture from your home computer. A link to the webinar will be sent to all participants after registration!


Stem Cells and Regenerative Treatment Options for Orthopedic Issues

What exactly is Regenerative Medicine?  What is Stem Cell Therapy and how does it work?  Are your joints shot from too many days on the trail?  Come learn more about less invasive treatment options, alternatives to traditional orthopedic surgery. Dr. Josh Pitts is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Pitts has an interest in nutrition, supplements and complementary/alternative medicine. Join us for a seminar on muscle recovery: how to combat muscle stiffness/soreness after long hikes with foam rolling and nutrition. Cyndi Lehr is a retired Physical Therapist and schluby badass, and she will be giving the warm up lecture. In the warm up lecture we will discuss/demo/practice foam rolling and drink chocolate milk. Free travel size foam rollers for the first 10 peeps to show up to the warm up lecture.


Elevated Eating-Stepping up your Backcountry Meal Game

Come hear CMC's own Sarah Thompson's take on meal prep, nutrition and backcountry cooking. Learn about caloric density and why it matters. What can be prepared, cooked and digested at altitude?  Are you bored with freeze dried meals? Sarah Thompson is an instructor with the Winter Camping, Wilderness Trekking, Wilderness Survival School, Backpacking School, and Knot Tying School (director).  Her cookies are famous within the Denver Group. Come for a fun evening with fascinating insight into cooking and eating in the backcountry ... of course we will have sampling.