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What Will Your Mountain Legacy Be?

Keegan hiking with this sonThoughts From the Executive Director: Keegan Young

There's nothing better than a good campfire story. I love hearing friends recount grand wildlife adventures, epic hail storms, and big days out in the mountains. As the Colorado Mountain Club's new Executive Director, I hope I get a chance to share a campfire and swap stories someday. But, today I want to talk to you about the future of the Colorado Mountain Club.

We are at a critical time for our state. Colorado has always been the epicenter of outdoor adventures. The pull of the mountains, and the impact we're seeing there, is greater than ever before.

Therefore, it is a critical time for our Club. Today, we do not have the capacity to serve Coloradans knocking on our door. There is so much more that we could do to introduce others to the outdoors, just as our family and friends did for us. Collectively, we have an opportunity to welcome new partners to the mountains we call home. We have an obligation to teach them how to play safely and responsibly outside - and how to give back through stewardship and service.

We are literally turning people away. Meeting demand for CMC programming cannot happen on its own. It is only possible with your personal engagement and financial support. If we do not address our capacity issues today, the CMC will continue to lag behind as our state races ahead.

Today, I am asking you to consider your mountain legacy. Will you invest back in your mountain community that has given you so much? Your donation will fund the CMC's most pressing capacity issues, such as:

  • Training and equipping hundreds of new volunteer leaders
  • Expanding the scope and number of CMC course offerings
  • Serving and providing outdoor access for thousands of inner-city youth through our YEP courses
  • Increasing stewardship opportunities, such as building and maintaining our trail systems

Mountains bring us together and teach us important lessons. That's true now, and it's been true at the CMC for more than 100 years. I believe it is our duty - each and every one of us - to pass along our passion for the mountains. With your personal commitment, the CMC will thrive in 2019 and beyond. Will you join me today in leaving your mountain legacy?

With sincerity and gratitude, your new Executive Director,

Keegan Young Signature

Keegan Young

Donate Now

Training New Volunteer Leaders

The Colorado Mountain Club has 300 volunteer trip leaders that take our nearly 6,500 members on over 3,000 outings each year. But, we are oversubscribed. With your help, we can train more leaders and get more people outside!

Ladies standing in three, with packs and trekking poles, looking out at green mountains to conquer

Expanding Course Offerings

The CMC currently offers over 200 courses for nearly 3,300 students. However, we are not keeping pace with demand. Your donation will help us expand our course offerings, increasing access to quality outdoor education in Colorado. 

three people learning from one person on ice about climbing while on snow

Expanding Youth Education Programs

The Colorado Mountain Club Youth Education Program (YEP) worked with over 8,000 kids last year and we want to see that number grow. Let's work together to get even more kids playing outside, building the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. 

man sitting with kid at top of cliff helping him coil a rope

Increasing Stewardship Opportunities

Last year, our stewardship crews maintained over 81 miles of trail, removed nearly 400 downed trees, and restored over 13,200 square feet of habitat. Your support will help us do even more to protect the places we play in our beautiful state for future generations of Coloradans to enjoy.

people working on trail with tools with mt princeton in background

Join The Summit Society

Summit Society Logo - black and white with mountains and words

The Colorado Mountain Club's Summit Society honors the dedication of individuals who are passionate about the Club's history and are committed to investing in future generations of CMC members and Club programming. When you join the Summit Society, you enable the CMC to pursue our vision for a greater Colorado, where all Coloradans can recreate responsibly on our public lands.

Supporting the Colorado Mountain Club through the Summit Society is the simplest and most effective way to contribute to the rich legacy of your fellow members, and ensure that future generations are able to enjoy Colorado in all its splendor.


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What Will Your Mountain Legacy Be?

Jay Getzel

man holding fish on a river, sunny day

The legacy I want to leave in the mountains is one of clean air and water, protected public lands, and safe and fun recreation for me, my customers, friends, peers, kids - and the generations to come. 


Maddie Miller

young woman wearing blue helmet and blue jacket with skis on backpack climbing up a rocky mountain

The legacy I want to leave in the mountains is to inspire people to realize their potential in mountain environments no matter their gender, size, or stature. I didn't realize my own capability in the outdoors until the mountains showed me my own true strength and drive.

Steve Bain

Steve and daughter, Ellie, hugging with high mountain peak behind them

The legacy I want to leave in the mountains is seeing the CMC continue its good work into the next century. Since nobody is making any more mountains, we have to protect the ones we have now.