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Science & outdoor education at your location


In order to best promote learning and engagement, YEP prefers to work with groups of 25 or less. Recommended class lengths and rotations will be adjusted accordingly to ensure a hands-on experience for all students. Hourly capacity = 30 students for all school-based programming.



Avalanche Science in the Classroom

Recognize the characteristics and properties of snow that scientists use for avalanche predictions. Students will learn about the environmental factors that influence snow crystal development and the stability of Colorado's snow pack through hands-on activities. Class encourages teamwork and decision-making among participants.


Age: 3rd-12th grade
Program Length: 1-2 hours
Fee: $100/ hour

Location: In-school



Learn about our state's unique geology and geography through a series of hands-on activities. Activities may include topographic map reading, experiencing the rock cycle first-hand, rock identification and an overview of Denver's geologic timeline using real fossils.

Age: 3rd-6th grade
Class Length:1- 2 hours
Fee: $100/hour
Location: In-school


Have fun with math, a map, and a compass! Students may learn to read a topographic map, find their way with compass, measure paces, and complete a short orienteering courseset-up on your school grounds. Class activities may vary from simple compass skills to advanced mountain navigation.

Age: 4th-12th grade
Class Length: 1- 2 hours
Fee: $150/hour (staff will arrive1-1.5 hours before to prep)
Location: In-school


Colorado Weather: From the Mountains to the Plains

Gain awareness of Colorado's variable weather through observation, investigation and safety.Learn how cloud types, wind and topography provide clues about weather, and experiment with static electricity using a Van de Graff generator.

Age: 4th-8h grade
Class Length: 1- 1.5 hours
Location: In-school

Mountain Safety

Preparing for a trip to the mountains is part of the adventure! Students will learn about essential clothing and equipment and how to practice Leave No Trace. Additonal class topics may focus on wildlife encounters, map reading, and decison-making skills for survival situation.

Age: 3rd-8th grade
Class Length: 1- 1.5 hours
Location: In-school

Slacklining: Balance and Movement

Slacklining combines the individual challenge of walking a tightened rope with the group dynamics of spotting by teammates to create a safe physical challenge.

Slacklining is a great cross trainer for any sport with the ability to increase reaction time through the connection between the mind and the body.
In addition to slacklining, students will participate in other activities that test and improve physical balance and coordination. These activities meet the new Colorado State Standards.

Age: Program can be structured to include all classes and grades in a school. Class Length: 1- 2 hours
Fee: $150/hour
Location: In school *your school must have trees or basketball poles appropriate for setting up slacklines as evaluated by our staff.


Team Building Workshops 

Build cohesion among your students or group through engaging initiatives that encourage communication, trust, and challenge. Our staff will facilitate a series of progressive activities through which students can strengthen relationships and build skills. Excellent fit for beginning or end of year program - or anytime you want to build your students' ability to work together!

Age: K-12
Class length: 3 hours
Fee: $150/hour

Bouldering Bus at your School

The YEP Bouldering Bus is a mobile classroom. Our converted school bus outfitted as a bouldering cave provides unique opportunities for students. YEP can combine the physical challenges of climbing with team building activities and hands-on science curriculum.

Find out more on our Bouldering Bus page 


Wilderness First Aid

The Colorado Mountain Club Youth Education Program offers a course in Wilderness First Aid! This course teaches students the basics of caring for someone far from definitive care (i.e., in the wilderness) in an experiential and engaging way. Emphasis is placed on prevention as well as treatment of common injuries and illnesses that may present in the backcountry. Students will learn to recognize signs and symptoms, and have a chance to diagnose and treat each others ‘in the field.’

Especially recommended for scout troops and other organized groups prior to major expeditions

Course topics include:

  • Wilderness v/s Urban Medicine
  • Patient Assessment System
  • Common Wilderness Medical Problems  (Blisters, Burns, Sprains, Bites, Stings, etc.)
  • First Aid Kits
  • Environmental & Medical Injuries (Shock, Heat Illness, Cold Illness, Altitude Illness, Lightning Injuries, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Gastrourinary Issues)
  • Traumatic Injuries (Head & Spinal injuries, Musculoskeletal injuries, Slings & Splints)
  • Emergency Procedures and Group Management
  • (Does not include CPR certification)

Age: 4th- 12th grade
Class length: 8-16 hour format (taught over 2 days) earns participants a course completion card through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute.
Fee: $60 per student – PLUS book fee (If book is desired – optional)
Location: In school