Playing for Real

Stories from Rocky Mountain Rescue

  • 128 pages
  • Colorado Mountain Club Press
  • 978-0-9760525-6-2
  • Mar 5, 2007

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By Mark Scott-Nash

  • Gripping tales of tragedy and triumph in the mountains
  • Rescue stories through the eyes of a team member
  • Historical vignettes of Rocky Mountain Rescue on its 60th anniversary
  • Proceeds from the book go to support Rocky Mountain Rescue

    Playing for Real describes what goes through a rescuer's head, from the excitement of the initial ring of the pager to searching for and finding victims. The rescuer will share with you the challenges of stabilizing and preparing a critically injured victim for evacuation-moving the victim to emergency vehicles (sometimes down hundreds of feet of rock wall), and often dealing with death in remote, difficult terrain.

    Playing for Real is an evocation of the mountain rescue experience, a history of one of the finest mountain rescue groups in the country, and a celebration of 60 years of saving lives in the backcountry. Royalties from the sale of the book go directly to support the continuing operation of Rocky Mountain Rescue.
  • 128 pages
  • Colorado Mountain Club Press
  • 978-0-9760525-6-2
  • Mar 5, 2007

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