Living up to the spirit of adventure in which we were founded over a century ago.

The Colorado Mountain Club is the Rocky Mountain community for mountaincraft education, adventure, and conservation. We exist to bring people together and share our love of the mountains—and community. From the uninitiated to the expert, there is a place for everyone here. 

Founded in 1912, the CMC has built a legacy of responsible outdoor leadership and ethics, paired with a healthy spirit of adventure. Our heart beats from historic headquarters in Golden, Colorado, where we’re constantly fueled by the time we spend—and the experiences we share—in the wilderness. 

Our peer-to-peer, skill-progression approach forges human connections, fosters mentorship, and turns aspirations into realities. We share knowledge and give support to advance our abilities, build confidence, and pass on these experiences to inspire the next generation.

Conservation and stewardship are woven into our history and identity. Our work in conservation dates back to the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park. With greater significance than ever before, we are determined to pass down pristine wilderness and a stable climate with clean air and water.

Heart of the CMC: 4 core values 

Everything we do comes back to these pillars. They are our foundation—and the fabric of what has made people believe in the Colorado Mountain Club for over a century. 

Community Education Adventure Conservation & Stewardship
Passionate people are the bedrock of our mountain community and our work. We are a welcoming and vibrant club that values our community. Our commitment to outdoor training and education is our legacy. By equipping Coloradans with the skills and confidence they need to move through the mountains, we honor and safeguard the people we love. We know mountains can provide dramatic, life-changing experiences. We offer countless recreational, educational, and conservation-focused opportunities that inspire a quest for more challenges in the outdoors. Stewarding and conserving wild spaces is at our core. We work proactively to protect these landscapes so that future generations can enjoy them.

Mission: Some things are golden 

It’s remarkable that the words put forth at our founding are still relevant today. While we apply these statements to a modern world—dedicated to improvement, inclusivity, and empathy—these statements remain true of the Colorado Mountain Club today.

  1. Unite the energy, interest, and knowledge of the students, explorers, and lovers of the mountains of Colorado.
  2. Collect and disseminate information regarding the Rocky Mountains on behalf of science, literature, art, and recreation.
  3. Stimulate public interest in our mountain area.
  4. Encourage the preservation of forests, flowers, fauna, and natural scenery.
  5. Render readily accessible the alpine attractions of this region.