Summit Completers

Want to be on the same list as pioneering Colorado climbers such as Albert Ellingwood and Mary Cronin?

Beginning in 1911 with first-ever 14er finishers Carl Blaurock and Bill Ervin, the Colorado Mountain Club has served as the state’s foremost authority on summit completions for more than a century. If you take on the life-altering challenge of climbing all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, and beyond, register your accomplishment with the CMC to ensure you’re included in the annals of mountaineering history.


The CMC officially recognizes 54 14ers as the number required to be considered a list completer. We will accept climbers who pursue a 14er list with a different total, such as 55 or 58, as long as they complete the minimum of 54. The list of 54 includes all 52 named peaks over 14,000 feet with more than 300 feet of prominence, plus North Maroon Peak and El Diente Peak for their history and aesthetics. The CMC does not currently include Challenger Point, which is historically considered a subsummit of Kit Carson Peak.

The Colorado Mountain Club is also the official record keeper for mountaineers who summit other predefined grouping of peaks, such as the Centennials and the 13ers. To finish all the 13ers, one must climb the 637 peaks that are between 13,000 and 13,999 feet in elevation.

The Colorado High Peaks Categories are as follows:

  • Highest 100 (Centennials)
  • Highest 200 (Bicentennials)
  • 13ers
  • 12ers

No matter which category, reaching any of these goals is a transcendent accomplishment. Congratulations to all those who have succeeded. Here's to your next summit – climb on! 


The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation administers the "completer" program.

Their website is at;