Trip Leader School 2024

Volunteer Leadership Course

Trip Leader School

Trip Leader School (TLS) is your path to leadership in the CMC!

The following steps of Trip Leader School (TLS) need to be completed in order to become a qualified CMC Trip Leader. As a Trip Leader, you will be qualified to lead hiking, walking, running, backpacking, and snowshoe trips.

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1. Coassemble course

  • Self-paced, complete as you can, online course.
  • The Coassemble course will become available to you once you register. Please click the Course Materials tab below to find the link. 
  • To take the course, you will need to set up an account on Coassemble. It is a third party website that is separate from your CMC account, so please create a new username and password. 

2. Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

  • Take a WFA course to obtain your certification.
  • You can receive a scholarship to take this course for free if you commit to leading 6 trips within the first two years of being a CMC Trip Leader.
  • WFA may be taken concurrently with online TLS course.
  • Contact Graham Ottley for questions on WFA certification, scholarships, and equivalent training.

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3. Scenario Session 

  • Participate in a scenario session with fellow Trip Leader Students to learn practical application of CMC Trip Leader skills.
  • A roughly 4-hour field day.

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  • Schedule and complete a hike, bike, climb, or another trip with a Mentor Leader.  
  • New leaders either "Pass" with sound leadership skills assessed & become CMC Trip Leader or "Have Areas of Improvement" and be asked to complete a second LIT trip with a mentor to hone skills before achieving Trip Leader status.

lit pROCESS- more info



Trip Leader School Student badge: 

Registered for Trip Leader School on

Trip Leader School badge: 

Completion of online course + Scenario Session

CMC Trip Leader badge:

Completion of online course + Scenario Session + successful LIT + WFA

Completion of all of these steps will grant you a CMC Trip Leader badge, which will allow you to be an official CMC Trip Leader and start leading trips for the club! 

tLS managers by group:

(points of Contact)

The Safety & Leadership Committees of each group will help be responsible for governing existing trip leaders and for processing applications to become trip leaders. If your group doesn't have a liaison of some kind for leadership, your process will go through state via the Education Director. Here are the groups' following contacts for leadership:

Jill Yarger:

  • Pikes Peak Trip Leader School

Glenn Barr:

  • Northern Colorado Safety & Leadership

Brad Warren:

  • Western Slope Safety & Leadership

Anne Keil:

  • Gore Range Safety & Leadership

Candace Winkle:

  • Roaring Fork Safety & Leadership

Mike Miller:

  • El Pueblo Safety & Leadership

Terry Mccanne:

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Scenario Session (optional)
Downtown Golden to Tunnel 1
Sat, Jul 27, 2024
Registration closes Jul 25
3 participants
0 instructors
Meyer Ranch Park
Mon, Aug 5, 2024
Registration closes Aug 3
1 participant on waitlist
Spruce Mountain Trail
Sat, Nov 9, 2024
Registration closes Nov 7
2 participants on waitlist

Additional badges needed to graduate


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