Denver Winter Camping School - 2023

Camping, Backpacking & Snowshoeing Course

Winter Camping School

To learn how to prepare mentally and physically to spend a night out in winter and the basics for successful camping in freezing conditions.

School registration is a two step process
- Paying tuition: click Registration button (right side of this page) and complete Registration page.
- There are questions for school participants under Required Equipment (below on this page). Click on Required Equipment and copy the questions into an e-mail body. Reply ALL questions and then send the e-mail to Winter Camping School at address.

Winter Camping School registration is still experimental within the new CMC web site; if you see any errors, strange or confusing behavior, please send a note and possibly screen shot to as that would help me to improve the school's web site.

The 2023 session of Winter Camping School has three lecture nights and three optional QandA sessions. In order to graduate from the Winter Camping School, students must attend all three lectures and complete three Winter Camping School qualified trips listed later in the CMC Activity Schedule.

See full details about the school below.

This is a non-survival school for those who want to enjoy the winter, snow and moonlight in comfort. The Winter Camping School concentrates on the fundamental understanding, equipment and techniques to keep warm in cold environment on an overnight stay. It covers topics as dressing, traveling, setting up campsite, cooking and sleeping comfortably in the winter among others.

The Winter Camping School is open for every CMC member regardless of group membership and classification. This school is recommended not only for backpackers, but everyone who intends to spend extended time in the backcountry in the winter, like snowshoers or skiers.

In-person and online lectures (required):
January 31 (in-person lecture), February 7 and February 21 online at 6:20 PM
Online QandA sessions (optional):
February 15, February 28 and March 7, at 6:20 PM
In-person lectures will be held in the CMC clubhouse. Zoom id will be provided for online meetings.

Qualified Snowshoe Trips are not part of the school and will be posted in the CMC schedule on the following dates:
Day Trips: February 11 (required) and February 18 (possible backup or optional)
Overnight Trips: March 4-5 and March 18-19 (April 1-2 backup)
February 18 and April 1-2 (no joke) is kept as a backup date if qualified trips has to be cancelled. Note, that these are not make-up dates for missed field trips.

Cost of the school is $105 for Denver Group members and $115 for CMC members from other groups. This fee includes all in-person and online lectures, QA sessions, presentations, videos, handouts and access to online manuals. Registration for the school will open in early-mid November and will be linked from this page.

All trips are snowshoe trips, skis are not allowed. Equipment requirements and more details about field trips will be discussed during lectures.

With any questions send e-mail to address. Expect a reply within a few days.

Since the School's new web pages still under construction, more information may continuously added to this Winter Camping School page.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

The school does not require any specific equipment. Gear and equipment necessary for the CMC trips, required to earn a Winter Camping badge, will be discussed during lectures in details.

Registration Questions

Please copy these questions into an e-mail body, answer ALL questions and send them to address.

1. Date of you Covid-19 full vaccination or latest booster shot?
(You may have to present your Covid-19 vaccination card to participate in the school, so make sure you bring it to the first lecture night.)


2. Do you have any medical condition that could affect your participation in the school or qualified trips (yes or no)?
(If yes, give relevant details and describe how instructors can help you. Any response here is highly confidential.)

medical conditions:

3. Which CMC group you are a member of?

CMC group:

4. What is your hiking classification? (If not sure, enter A.)

hiking classification:

5. What is your snowshoe classification? (If not sure, enter none.)

snowshoe classification:

6. Are you a summer or winter trip leader (yes or no)?

trip leader:

7. Do you generally do any winter activities in the mountains at least 4-5 times a season (yes or no)?

winter activities:

8. Which year did you camp last time in the summer (if ever)?

summer camping:

9. Which year did you camp last time in snow (if ever)?

snow camping:

10. Which other CMC schools did you graduated from (if any)?

CMC schools:

11. What other winter camping related school/training you graduated from (if any)?

other training:

12. What is your personal goal attending this school?

personal goal:

13. What is your favorite color? (Just to see whether you pay attention.)

favorite color:

14. Is there anybody (student or instructor) you wish to be together in a group of this Winter Camping school?

same group with:

15. What is your best phone number? (Preferably cell phone.)

best phone number:

16. What is your best e-mail address?

e-mail address:

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