ARC Pro Multipitch Concepts - 2024

Climbing Course

ARC Pro Multipitch Concepts

Students will learn techniques applicable to climbing multipitch routes, including preparation, anchors, belaying, cleaning gear, belay transitions, descending, and climbing with a 3-person team.

This class will consist of two field days with the first day spent on low angle terrain learning and practicing multipitch belaying, transitions, rappelling and lowering; followed by a day of multipitch practice on a moderate trad climb.

Prerequisites:  BMS Rock Climbing or the equivalent at a minimum.  Leading skills are not necessary, but it is recommended that participants take the ARC Pro Trad Gear and Anchors and Traditional Lead Climbing classes prior to this class, as students may practice placing trad gear and building trad anchors in this class.  However, this class will be beneficial to anyone looking to climb multipitch routes- to include leaders and followers.

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Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Multipitch Concepts Field Day 1
North Cheyenne Canyon Park
Sat, Jul 20, 2024
Registration closed Jul 18
1 participant
0 instructors
Multipitch Concepts Field Day 2
North Cheyenne Canyon Park
Sun, Jul 21, 2024
Registration closed Jul 18
2 participants
Required Equipment
  • Basic climbing kit- harness, helmet, shoes
  • Autoblocking belay device such as BD Guide or Petzl Reverso with locking carabiner
  • Personal Anchor System- bring one 120 cm sewn nylon sling for tether (we will show you how to use this sling as a personal anchor/tether) with a locking carabiner
  • Extra locking carabiners- #4: at least 2 large HMS/Pear shape
  • Extra non-locking carabiners- at least 3
  • Rappel backup sling- 5- or 6-mm nylon cord tied into 10-12-inch loop or Hollow-block loop with locking carabiner
  • Traditional gear for leading and anchor construction
    • Trad protection- whatever you own, some Club gear available for loan
    • Cordelette- 16-20 ft. of 7 mm nylon cord (untied length)
    • #2 120 cm sewn runners- at least one should be thin Dyneema
    • #4 60 cm sewn runners (nylon or Dyneema) with non-locking carabiners for alpine draws
    • #2 Quickdraws or 2 more alpine draws for 6 draws total
  • Nut tool
  • Gear sling (optional)- you can also make one out of nylon cord or use a 60 cm sewn sling
  • Climbing pack- small pack you could wear on a long climb that fits while wearing your harness
  • First aid kit, which includes a knife
Course Materials

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