Eckart Roder Leadership Scholarship

The Roder Leadership Scholarship is a statewide program to invest in our volunteer trip leaders, school instructors, and school directors. Our volunteers share their time, expertise, and passion with our members. The Roder Leadership Scholarship supports their efforts by providing scholarships for trainings that further their education and skill development.

The Eckart Roder Education Fund was established in 2003 in honor of Eckart Roder, a long-time member of the Colorado Mountain Club. Eckart exemplified the values of mountain safety, responsibility and courtesy. In 2023, the Roder Fund was combined with the CMC Leadership Scholarship to be known as the Eckart Roder Leadership Scholarship. The Roder Leadership Scholarship continues to honor Eckart's legacy by providing financial support to qualifying CMC volunteers who share his passion for hands-on education and service. Donations to the fund are tax-deductible and accepted any time of year.



The Roder Leadership Scholarship is available to CMC members who are volunteer trip leaders, school directors, school instructors, or those in training. You must also be able to fulfil the requirements of your scholarship by leading 6 trips/course days over the following 2 years. At this time, scholarships are available for WFA only: 

  • Wilderness First Aid

The following scholarships are available to those who have led 5 trips over the last year. 

  • AIARE 1
  • AIARE 2 *with 3 trips being on avalanche terrain
  • AIARE Companion Rescue
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor *with 3 trips being technical climbing


To apply for a Roder Leadership Scholarship, please submit an online application. CMC Staff review applications weekly, except for AIARE. AIARE scholarships will be reviewed on November 1. All AIARE scholarships have been awarded for the 22/23 season. Scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds and equitable distribution across CMC groups. Approved applicants will be notified by email. Recipients of ATA, CPR, WFA, & WFR scholarships will receive a discount code to register through the CMC website. 

AIARE Leadership Scholarship funding has been allocated for the season. We will be reassessing funds to see what more we can offer moving forward so please apply online.

Terms of Agreement: 

  • As a scholarship recipient, you agree to lead a minimum of 6 CMC trips or school field days in the 2 years following your training. 
  • If you do not fulfill your leader/instructor commitment, you may be ineligible for future scholarship funding. 
Any questions regarding the Roder leadership scholarship can be directed to SCHOLARSHIPS@CMC.ORG