Suggestions and Complaints Reporting

Do you have a suggestion for improving a trip or activity? We want to hear from you to improve our Club. The best way to make your idea known is to tell the trip leader or other Group representative. Members are encouraged to call their Group chairpersons and other volunteers with suggestions and offers to help. If you have a complaint of any nature, we also want to hear from you. You are encouraged to use our Navex Ethicspoint Reporting System to make anonymous reports on complaints, safety issues, or mis-conduct and ethical violations.

CMC Anti-Harassment Policy

All persons participating in CMC activities are expected to treat all others with respect and concern. The Colorado Mountain Club will not tolerate abusive, sexually harassing, or discriminatory actions or communications. Anyone experiencing or witnessing such behavior is invited to submit a report to our third-party system for investigation. Consequences of inappropriate behavior may include a verbal warning, written warning, suspension, or expulsion from the CMC.


Make an anonymous report at:


More About Navex Ethicspoint Reporting Third-party System:

Why do we have a hotline? 

It’s not enough to encourage members and volunteers to act ethically – we must give them the tools and resources they need to make good decisions and speak up with confidence about any actual, potential or suspected misconduct. That is why we have a hotline – as a resource members, staff, and volunteers can use to speak up about concerns when they don’t feel comfortable speaking to their trip leaders, school director, or staff leadership.  Making a report also makes the complaint official. After making a report you will be contacted about follow-up actions and there will be a record of the behavior reported.

How does the hotline work?

When someone contacts the hotline:

  • A customized web form or professional interview specialist will collect the information and document the situation in detail.
  • When finished, the person making the report/complaint will be given a reference number and asked to report back to answer any follow-up questions.
  • The information is then relayed to our management for investigation and follow-up. All reports are handled promptly and discreetly.
  • If the report involves an immediate threat to people or property, NAVEX Global notifies our organization immediately so prompt action can be taken.

Our success as an organization is built on a foundation of ethical decision-making and a commitment by every employee and volunteer to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct on the job and in the field. The best way to sustain an ethical culture is for each of us to act with integrity every day – doing the right thing when it comes to our own behavior, being aware of what’s going on around us, being willing to learn from mistakes, and being willing to speak up when we see or suspect activity that could harm our organization.

Help us put integrity in action – your role is to speak up if you know of or suspect any unethical behavior. Our role is to listen. Report any violations or get more information by contacting the hotline.



Working together, we can prevent unethical, illegal or unsafe activity before it causes further harm. Thank you for your commitment and your cooperation.