Deer Creek Trailhead

This Trailhead provides a southern access to the Blue Sky (formally Mt Evans) Wilderness. It connects to numerous trails and peaks within the Wilderness.

The TH accesses:

  • Tanglewood Trail #636, which connects with the
    • Whiteside #697
    • Rosalie #603
    • Abyss #602
    • Roosevelt Lakes #56
    • Cub Creek #40, and beyond.

Mountains readily accessible from this TH include Rosalie, Royal, Rosedale, Spearhead, Tehana, and Bandit.

TH parking is spacious. The TH is near the USFS Deer Creek Campground.

Alternate title data: 

Pegmatite Points: 9 miles - 2,900 ft elevation gain

From Deer Creek trailhead hike beside lovely Tanglewood Creek, eventually through a stand of bristlecone pines up to the saddle between Pegmatite Points and Mt. Rosalie. From the saddle, explore the points which stretch ~ 1/2 mile northeast along the ridge.

  • Land Manager: U.S. Forest Service
    Mount Blue Sky Wilderness Area (formerly Mount Evans), South Platte Ranger District (PSINF)
  • Parking Permit Required: USFS Permits & Passes
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 15
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 15

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  • Deer Creek TH - Tanglewood Trail
  • Deer Creek TH - Rosalie Trail
  • Deer Creek TH - Pegmatite Points
  • Deer Creek TH - Pegmatite Points & Mt Rosalie

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