Eldorado Canyon State Park

Beautiful State Park for hiking, picnicking, or climbing. Located near Boulder, CO.

All CMC trips must notify the State Park of visits and pay a per person fee. 

  • If the trip is in the inner canyon, leaders must submit a commercial instruction form at the beginning of the trip (to the attendant or in the drop box) regardless if there is instruction/guiding involved or not.
    • CMC leaders who instruct climbing courses are required to have WFA, CPR, & SPI
    • CMC leaders who lead climbing trips are required to have WFA
  • Paid CMC trips are charged $10 per person. This does not include the entrance fee.
  • Unpaid CMC trips are charged $4 per person. Leaders must add a $5 (to cover credit card fees) fee to your scheduled trip for participants to pay. This does not include the entrance fee.
  • If the trip is at Crescent Meadows, please email Lisa Gill (lisa.gill@state.co.us) with details immediately before or after the trip.
  • Note: A portion of Walker Ranch Loop crosses through Eldorado State Park, but the entire Loop trail is managed by Boulder OS. If you wish TO START a trip at the Crescent Meadows TH, it is considered an Eldorado use, in which case the trip must be registered and payment made at $4 per person, plus $5 to cover credit card fees, consistent with other Eldorado state park requirements. The trip leader may ask roster members to help with fees. To arrange permitting and payment email CMC staffer Mara Coe (maracoe@cmc.org) so she can contact Lisa Gill (lisa.gill@state.co.us) with details and to make arrangements immediately before or after the trip.
   See Walker Ranch R/P Walker Ranch — The Colorado Mountain Club (cmc.org) cmc for details about other entry trailheads that do not require registration and a fee.   Needless to say, it is easier to access the Loop using one of the Boulder trailheads even though the drive to get there may be a bit farther than to Crescent Meadows.


Mainly trad multi-pitch climbing, from 5.1 to 5.13. Bastille, Wind Tower, Red Garden Wall, West Ridge, Rincon, Shirt Tail Peak.

Multi-pitch trad climbing with walk-off or rappel descents. One to six or more pitches. Approaches from 5 minutes to less than an hour. Elevation changes in the hundreds of feet.

Eldorado Canyon Trail to Boulder Falls: 6.6 miles - 2,000 feet of elevation gain

Highpoint at 7,110'. The hike ascends steeply for the first 2.25 miles with an elevation gain of 1,170' then descends 645' for the next 0.9 miles to the falls.

Eldorado Mountain via Rattlesnake Gulch: 6 miles - 2,600 feet of elevation gain

Scramble up the Northwest Ridge to the summit (8,341 ft)

  • Suitable Activities: Climbing, Hiking
  • Climbing Category: Crag Rock Climb
  • Seasons: Year-round
  • Weather: View weather forecast

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  • Eldorado Canyon SP - Eldorado Canyon Trail to Boulder Falls
  • Eldorado Canyon SP - Eldorado Mountain
  • Eldorado Canyon SP - Inner Canyon
  • Eldorado Canyon SP - Crescent Meadows
  • Eldorado Canyon SP - Wind Tower

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Brian Le Blanc
Brian Le Blanc says:
Aug 26, 2022 03:44 PM

This "place" needs to be editable at some point in the future. I have omitted Rotwand Wall, Peanuts Wall, and several other less popular areas within the park, but if a leader wants to lead a trip to one of them, he or she should be able to add the area to the Place.