Trad Gear and Anchors Field Day 2

Field trip: ARC Pro Traditional Gear & Anchors

Trad Gear and Anchors Field Day 2 – North Table Mountain

We will continue to learn ways to construct various climbing anchors.

  • Sun, Mar 24, 2024
  • Pikes Peak
  • Climbing
  • Crag Rock Climb
  • Adults
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 2.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 600 ft

We will meet at the North Table Mountain South Trailhead, also known as the Golden Cliffs main parking area, at the end of Peery Parkway. We will be at the lower of the two parking lots (not the overflow parking) with the outhouse. Be there by 8 am.

We will continue to discuss, demo and practice gear placement and rigging of belay, top rope, and rappel anchors.  Students will rig their own anchors with instructor evaluation and then will rappel off their own anchors.


students will earn:

instructors will earn:


North Table Mountain

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

• Basic climbing kit- harness, helmet, pack; climbing shoes not needed- approach shoes work well for this class
• Autoblocking belay device (BD Guide, Petzl Reverso or similar)
• Personal Anchor System or 120 cm sewn nylon sling for tether
• Non-locking carabiners- #8 (at least)
• Locking carabiners- #6 with at least 3 HMS type
• Rappel back-up sling- 10-13 inch tied loop of 5-6 mm nylon cord, or 13.5 in. Hollow-block loop
• Traditional gear for anchor construction
    o Trad protection- whatever you own or can borrow          (nuts, hexes, cams, etc.…)
        *The Club has some gear for loan- cams, nuts, and             hexes. We recommend that you come to this                   class with, at a minimum, a set of stoppers/nuts.
   o Cordelette- 16-20 ft. of 7 mm nylon cord (untied              length)
   o #2 120 cm sewn runners (nylon or Dyneema)
   o #4 60 cm sewn runners (nylon or Dyneema)
   o Quickdraws- #2
• Nut tool (Club has some for loan)
• Gear sling (optional)- alternatively may use 60 cm sling or tied loop of cord/webbing

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