Biden Administration Designates Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument

October 12, 2022: the Biden administration announced they were designating their first National Monument—Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument.
Julie Mach
October 12, 2022

For more than ten years, the outdoor recreation community has been advocating for land protections in central Colorado, around the Continental Divide, the Thompson Divide, and the San Juan Mountains. In the last few years, the outdoor community has worked to develop and support the CORE Act, which was carefully vetted by the outdoor community to protect the world-class mountain biking, climbing, backcountry skiing, and backcountry recreation.

Today’s monument designation at Camp Hale-Continental Divide is enormously important to the outdoor recreation community. Camp Hale is the birthplace of the 10th Mountain Division and is largely responsible for Colorado's ski industry and many modern climbing techniques and gear. Soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division were trained in climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering on trails and mountains that are still popular among outdoor recreationists today. Camp Hale is one of the birthplaces of backcountry skiing, as a National Monument, it honors American heroes as well as America's human-powered recreation culture.

CMC has been working with numerous conservation and recreation groups to protect these landscapes for more than a decade. “The Colorado Mountain Club has been a long-time supporter of protection for the lands around Camp Hale and the Continental Divide. The area holds significant historical value to the state and nation, and continues to provide world-class outdoor recreation opportunities for the public. The Continental Divide Trail, climbing crags and backcountry ski slopes allow users to explore and connect with this scenic and symbolic landscape.  We are so grateful for the work of the Biden administration to ensure this place is protected,” said Keegan Young, Executive Director of the Colorado Mountain Club.

“Camp Hale and the Continental Divide are home to world-class outdoor recreation, with long ridgeline technical traverses, challenging backcountry ski terrain, and world class mountain biking. As the home of the 10th mountain division, Camp Hale was a part of the development of many modern climbing techniques. The new Camp Hale National Monument honors American heroes as well as America’s human-powered recreation culture, and we are grateful for President Biden’s action to protect this area,” said Louis Geltman, Policy Director at Outdoor Alliance.

We are grateful for the work of Senator Bennet, Senator Hickenlooper, Representative Joe Neguse, and Governor Polis in championing these protections for years through the CORE Act.

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