Help Save a CMC Boulder Group Hut

Since 1969, the Colorado Mountain Club’s Årestua Hut (aka Guinn Mountain Hut) has provided a welcome winter respite at 11,000 ft. for Nordic skiers, backcountry skiers, and snowshoers and a shelter for hikers from those pesky afternoon rainstorms in summer.
CMC Staff
April 12, 2022

Restore Colorado Mountain Club’s Årestua Hut!

For 53 years, day and overnight access has been open to everyone – not just CMC members – coming from far and wide to enjoy everything the Colorado backcountry has to offer: outdoor adventure, breathtaking views, and encounters with the wild creatures that make the area home. 

Unfortunately, time and the elements have taken their toll on the Hut. While it has undergone a series of improvements over the years, the Hut needs perhaps the biggest repair of all: an entire replacement of the roof.

Winter ice dams and leaks from the spring melt have caused considerable damage, and a re-roofing is needed in order to keep the Hut from deteriorating entirely. Unfortunately, due to the Hut’s remote location, replacement is significantly more complex – and therefore expensive – than a traditional residential roof replacement.

The CMC Boulder Group needs your support to ensure that this backcountry treasure receives the repairs necessary to keep it safe and accessible for future wilderness adventurers!

We are thrilled to share that a generous donor has stepped forward with an offer to match every donation to the Årestua Hut re-roofing project, dollar for dollar, up to a total $20,000.

Inspired by their family’s 40+ years of experiences at the Hut, they want to ensure other families and future generations of backcountry travelers have the ability to enjoy this Colorado gem for years to come!

We hope you will join us by making a contribution before May 31st so we can complete work this summer and ensure the Årestua Hut stands for another 50+ years!

Click here to donate to help the hut

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