NEW feature for communication with Rocky Talkie Radios

Graham Ottley Graham Ottley
February 26, 2024

A Community Channel is a radio channel designated for a specific backcountry zone, meant for vital group-to-group communication, such as relaying critical safety information like an accident, avalanche, or other hazard. They are also known as "group monitoring channels" or " common-use radio channels".

What are the intended uses for community radio channels?

Examples of standard usage between groups:

  1. Information regarding potential hazards or critical snow & avalanche information
  2. When your group is entering complex terrain
  3. When your group is clear of a given line or area, alerting other groups of a clear run-out zone

Examples for emergency situations:

  1. Send a distress call for assistance in case of an accident
  2. Request another group to call 911 or mount an organized rescue if 911 can’t be reached directly

Where do they work?

Currently Rocky Talkie has the following use areas with specific sub-channels:

Screenshot 2024-02-26 092313.png

To learn more visit this page (Rocky Talkie website).

Rocky Talkie is a Corporate Sponsor of the Colorado Mountain Club.

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