New Image Brewing X Colorado Mountain Club

The Great Beer-Naming Contest!
Graham Ottley Graham Ottley
February 09, 2024

Now Accepting Submissions for The Great Beer Naming Contest

Deadline: March 1st

Green And Cream Modern Beer Festival Flyer.png

The Colorado Mountain Club is collaborating with New Image Brewing to create a co-branded and "climbing" or "mountain lifestyle" inspired beer. The only problem is we don't know what to call it and need your help! Find the link to the survey below to enter up to 5 names. The winner will be announced in Mid March and will enjoy a free beer at the release party. This will take place the evening of April 12 prior to the launch of Reel Rock 18 at the American Mountaineering Center. Stay tuned for more information about all of the festivities. 

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All contestants will receive a complimentary beverage during the release party before REEL ROCK 18 the evening of April 12th at the American Mountaineering Center.

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