Parking at the AMC

FAQ about the parking at AMC.
Graham Ottley Graham Ottley
January 10, 2024

With the planned development of the CoorsTek property, the Colorado Mountain Club is advising all members to park at the American Mountaineering Center parking lot unless it is full.

What's going on?

The areas adjacent to the CMC are being developed by Coors Tek to build their new Clayworks facility. This is a multi-use retail and office space set to start construction this year (likely spring 2024). If you would like more information on what those plans are there is a website:

Along with this development, there have been changes at the AMC.

What changed?

The American Mountaineering Center is no longer contracting outside business for events. This greatly minimizes the amount of vehicles that are planning to park in this lot which offers 80 spots and two handicap accessible spots. This frees up space to consistently park in the AMC/CMC lot.

What about the green signs I see around the lot? 

You may notice brand new green Park Mobile signs at the AMC. These are to collect payment for parking! They do not apply to CMC members. This is a passive payment collection system for public events primarily.  There is no penalty for not paying so you don't need anything special in your car just know that you volunteer here and you don't have to pay. 


What about overnight parking at the AMC?

Overnight parking is permitted at the AMC. Please email the office at "" to let us know but also know that it is permitted and you aren't subject to being towed. 

What if the lot has reached capacity and I would like to obtain permission to park in the adjacent lot to the Colorado Mountain Club? 

If you are a School Director or Section Leader with a large group and are concerned with parking capacity of the American Mountaineering Center, please contact the office ahead of your class or event so that we can arrange permission for your parking needs. Without this permission we cannot guarantee that your vehicles are not subject to towing. You will notice signs in the parking like the one below which may tow your vehicle. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (29).png

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Robbie Monsma
Robbie Monsma says:
Jan 11, 2024 02:28 PM

Thanks for the complete explanation, Graham!

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