Spread the Word About CSAR Use of Channel 3.0

Do you use a Rocky Talkie or other family or general mobile radio service? If you’re ever involved in a backcountry emergency turning to channel 3.0 could help CSAR save your life!
Madeline Bachner Lane Madeline Bachner Lane
February 02, 2024

The Colorado Mountain Club is proud to support the work of Colorado Search and Rescue. We do this passively by educating folks on how to manage risk in their adventures and more actively in sharing best practices and resources directly from CSAR. Right now, you can help us spread the word about Channel 3!

The Colorado Search and Rescue Association (CSAR) wants to share the designation of FRS radio Channel 3.0 as the default during backcountry search and rescue emergencies. It is important to note that CSAR does not monitor this channel but once they are engaged, this is the default channel for communication within the area and with the subject if possible.

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In the event of a backcountry emergency:

■  If the subject or party member has an FRS radio, they may describe the nature of the emergency and ask for help from anyone else listening; other recreationists in the area may be able to call 911 or respond to the subject’s aid themselves.

■   Once responders are notified and en route, unless the local sheriff’s office or Backcountry SAR team advises otherwise, CSAR recommends all parties switch to Channel 3.0. Responders may try to contact subjects on this channel, although be aware not all Backcountry SAR teams have FRS radios nor do they monitor Channel 3.0.

■   Responders to a backcountry emergency may ask folks using Channel 3.0, but not involved with this incident, to kindly move to another channel.

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The bottom line: if you are part of a backcountry emergency switch to channel 3 to communicate with CSAR once engaged. If you are on channel 3 put your skills to use if you’re in the area, or switch to another channel to let the CSAR team do their work. Help encourage good communication in the backcountry and share this paper from CSAR: https://coloradosar.org/frs-radio-use-for-backcountry-sar-position-paper-04-10-23/

Over and out!

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