PPG WTS - Intro to Backpacking - 2024 (B)

Backpacking Course

PPG WTS - Intro to Backpacking

The PPG WTS - Introduction to Backpacking Course is the third and final course in the PPG Wilderness Trekking  School curriculum. Learn all about it with 2 classes and an overnight backpacking trip.

Backpacking is another way to experience the outdoors by carrying all the gear you need to travel, eat and sleep in pursuit of your adventure. 

It can take you to a distant location from the trailhead, help you enjoy an activity (summit attempt, alpine lake fishing, etc.) or serve as the main goal itself, such as hiking a long trail like the Colorado Trail.

Carrying all the gear you need to travel, eat, sleep, stay dry, treat injuries, stay found, cook food, treat water, and enjoy yourself may be intimidating - but taken one step at a time - is very manageable. This class focuses on the basics in a lecture/discussion format and concludes with an overnight backpacking trip to put our new knowledge into action.  Safety and fun are key elements of this class.

**Pre-Requisites: PPG WTS - Wilderness Fundamentals  completion or equivalent**  The "Wild Fun" class covers concepts that will be expected knowledge for this course and we will reference the text provided from that class (Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 9th ed.).

NOTE: There is NO CMC gear to loan out for this class - you will need to provide your own. We will team up for crew gear where possible (stoves, water treatment, tents, etc.)

Course includes some guided self-study prep work and two online classes. After the course, successfully completing a CMC beginner backpacking trip earns the "Basic Backpacking Badge"

The 2 online class lectures via Zoom include discussions on finding the right backpack, systems review (sleeping systems, cooking systems, clothing systems), ultra-light techniques, tents, trip planning, team composition, group dynamics, and site selection.

Successfully completing at least one CMC Backpacking Trip in addition to attending the two classroom sessions is a requirement to earn the backpacking badge to show on your CMC profile.

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
PPG WTS-Intro to Backpacking Class Session
CMC Zoom Lecture
Mon, Jul 29, 2024
Registration closed Jul 21
12 participants
CMC Zoom Lecture
Mon, Aug 5, 2024
Registration closed Jul 21
12 participants
Required Equipment

Class Session: Internet connection  and note-taking material

Beginner Backpack Trip (scheduled separately) : Backpack, shelter, stove/fuel, cooking gear, sleeping system, water treatment, appropriate clothing, ten essentials, food, bear bag/canister 

Course Materials