The Denver Group Leadership Scholarship is a program to invest in our Denver Group volunteer trip leaders and senior school instructors. Our volunteers share their time, expertise, and passion with our members. The Denver Group Leadership Scholarship supports their efforts by providing scholarships for trainings that further their education and skill development.

The Denver Group Leadership Scholarship program has been established in order to demonstrate appreciation to our volunteers and to provide a financial benefit to qualifying Denver Group volunteers for their continued efforts on behalf of all Denver Group members and CMC.

These scholarships are available for all Denver Group School’s volunteer taught courses/classes, with the exception of the Technical Climbing School (TCS). Please note that Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is not a Denver Group taught course and that the primary source for WFA scholarships is through the "Eckert Roder Leadership Scholarship” program.

Denver Group Leadership Scholarships (“Scholarships”) are available only to those Denver Group members who currently are active volunteer trip leaders, or senior school instructors, or those members in training to become new trip leaders (collectively “Applicant”). This program is administered by the Denver Group Leadership Committee on behalf of the Denver Group Council.  

In order to qualify, the Applicant must also be able to fulfill the following requirements (“Applicant Requirements”):

  • Currently is an active Denver Group Trip Leader that has been the primary trip leader on at least six (6) trips in the prior fiscal year; or
  • Currently is a Denver Group Senior School Instructor that has been the primary trip leader on at least six (6) trips, or has taught at least two (2) Denver Group School field days in the prior fiscal year; or
  • Currently is a Denver Group member that can confirm they are actively seeking training to become a new trip leader, the course for which the scholarship is requested relates specifically to CMC trip leader requirements for which other scholarships are not available, and applicant will commit to leading at least six (6) trips within the two (2) years following their becoming a qualified CMC Trip Leader. If they fail to follow through on this commitment they may not qualify for future Scholarships; and

4)  All Applicants must confirm that they will promptly register for and successfully complete the Denver Group School for which the Scholarship funds were requested. Should they fail to register for the School (without informing Denver Group Leadership Committee) or not successfully complete the School said Applicant will be required to reimburse Denver Group for the amount of the Scholarship funds provided to them.

Applicants may apply for more than one Scholarship in a single fiscal year as long as they remain in good standing and continue to meet the above Applicant Requirements.

Maximum Scholarship Amounts. Each approved Scholarship amount will be equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the Applicant’s requested Denver Group School’s tuition cost, but no greater than one hundred dollars ($100) per course. [i.e. The lesser of 100% of the tuition amount or $100].


To apply for a Denver Group Leadership Scholarship, please submit online. The Denver Group Leadership Committee will review applications weekly. Scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds. Approved applicants will be notified by email, which will include a discount code to use when registering for the specific course through the CMC website.