Top 3 Trip Reports - February 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our top three trip reports from February 2023.
Roberta Farrington Roberta Farrington
March 07, 2023

Spring is right around the corner where we get to enjoy a few more snowstorms along with longer and brighter days. It is a perfect combination for snowshoe trips! Plus, you can start to get in shape for hiking season. Here are three trips reports from recent snowshoe activities. You can learn more about how to leave a quality trip report from a previous blog post. 

Intermediate Snowshoe - Butler Gulch

February 6, 2023

Leader: Louise Campbell-Blair

Intermediate Snowshoe – Butler Gulch

Louise was a spectacular leader setting the pace, watching out for the group, and helping all accomplish our goal for the hike (especially in the face of some challenging conditions) - Thank you! Louise treated us to hot cider and biscuits at the end, which really hit the spot after a ~5.5 miles, ~1,500 ft elevation gain hike.

Read the full Trip Report here.

Intermediate Snowshoe - Staunton State Park - Bear Paws Trail

February 10, 2023

Leader: Robbie and Durham Monsma

How do you fit 16 enthusiastic hikers onto one trail? Very carefully! Our leaders, Robbie and Durrie, split the group and did a key exchange on this point to point hike. The conditions were excellent, a light snow covering packed snow and ice on the trail, nice temperature with warming and sunny weather as we hiked, affording some excellent views to our south.

Read the full Trip Report here. 

Intermediate Snowshoe - Brainard Lake Recreation Area

February 26, 2023

Leader: Kevin Schaal

Leader in Training: Dave Molyneaux

Brainard Lake Recreation Area

Successful LIT snowshoe trip for Dave Molyneaux. Trails traveled: Sourdough Trail, South St Vrain Trail, Brainard Lake Cutoff Trail, return via the Snowshoe Trail. The snow conditions were fantastic. We had an excellent group, and now that Dave successfully completed his LIT trip, it will be good to add another CMC trip leader to the list of leaders. 

Read the full Trip Report here.

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