Data In Action

See how data collected using RIMS can inform land management actions

“When our volunteers and others record trail maintenance issues on the RIMS app, it immensely helps our trailwork planners to understand needs and direct our trail maintenance projects.” — Steve Boyle, President, Ouray Trail Group

Sample reports

  • South Crestone Trail, Rio Grande National Forest.  CMC completed a RIMS inventory in summer 2020 and used the data to create this report and secure grant funding for 4 weeks of crew work to complete trail maintenance on priority issues.
  • Fossil Ridge Wilderness Character Monitoring, Gunnison National Forest. CMC's Wilderness Trail Steward spent summer 2021 completing campsite inventories using the RIMS Mobile App in the Fossil Ridge Wilderness. Read more about the project in this blog post.
  • Wilderness Study Area Monitoring, Oregon Natural Desert Association. The use of RIMS by ONDA and the Oregon BLM in 2021 was a pilot program, and upon the successful use of the monitoring tool, is being used again in 2022. In fact, the app was so effective that the Lakeview BLM District asked to use RIMS for their staff to conduct WSA monitoring activities, and in 2022 the BLM is using RIMS for all of their WSA monitoring.

rims awards & press coverage

May 12, 2020 Press Release: Make an Impact on Colorado Public Lands Day with RIMS

CMC RIMS was selected for the Public Land's Alliance Innovative Product of the Year Award. Check out our acceptance video: