Data Management

Streamline maintenance and plan for future impacts through our custom CMC RIMS analytics tools & dashboards.

There are four ways to access data submitted through the RIMS Mobile App:

Contact us for a RIMS Dashboard & Data Service demonstration, or fill out our RIMS Quote Request Form for a custom data use estimate.

Rims Mobile App

  • FREE app allows an unlimited number of users to collect field data
  • Standardized assessment forms are optimized for land manager data needs
  • Custom questions, assessments & maps can be added
  • Import historic data sets for use in RIMS
  • Learn more about the App Features & Assessments

web viewer

  • Web-based map view of app data
  • Cloud sync for real-time viewing and basic filtering of mobile app data


Arc GIS data service

analytics dashboards

  • Custom dashboards, reports, charts & maps
  • Geographic filters
  • Data export
  • Automated email reports