TCS Alpine Climbing School  TEAM TRACK - CMC Denver - 2024

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TCS Alpine Climbing School TEAM TRACK

Within the Technical Climbing School, you can take 6 of our classes to earn a certificate in Alpine Climbing. Think of the Alpine Climbing School (ACS) as an academic/vocational degree within the Technical Climbing School.

School prerequisites are:

  • Proven backcountry experience
  • High level of fitness 
  • Basic Rock or Waiver
  • Navigation 1

NOTE: For our climbs that engage avalanche terrain directly or indirectly, students will be required to carry avalanche gear: Transceiver, Probe & Shovel. The school has loaner kits for those who do not have this gear. Not required, but recommended courses include AIARE L1, AIARE Avalanche Rescue and Avalanche Terrain Avoidance. If there is enough interest, the school can arrange an avalanche gear clinic. At a minimum, your Senior Instructor/Leader will make sure you know how to turn on your transceiver and assemble your probe and shovel.

The Alpine Climbing School includes the following courses:

  • Navigation Level 2
  • Intermediate Rock Climbing
  • Basic Anchors
  • Climbing Self Rescue 1
  • Intermediate Snow
  • Advanced Snow

In addition to the classes above, you will also complete the following trips:

  • Rock climb
  • High peak ridge climb
  • Couloir climb
  • High peak overnight grad climb

You have two options when it comes to ACS

  • Modular Track: you simply look at the CMC calendar and select the class sessions that fit your schedule (e.g. Basic Climbing, Intermediate Snow, etc.).  

  • Team Track: allows you to work with the same small group of classmates and instructors throughout all the Alpine Climbing classes. The traditional format is slightly less expensive, but the dates are more rigid. In the CMC calendar, filter for classes and look for Alpine Climbing School.  There are three sessions of Team Track offered each year which runs March - June. When you click on the class, the Event Details will give you all the dates for that session.  Registration for 2024 Team Track is now open. Spaces are limited. Apply here.

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