Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools will help you with trip and class planning. With everything from trip plan templates to put on the CMC website to pre-trip emails to send to participants, this page is your all-inclusive guide to trip & school content planning, with insightful templates, easy-to use graphics, and contacts for help.

Preparing for a Trip or Class

Preparing for a trip or class can be a really fun process, and we want to try to make it as easy as possible for you to plan it! These pages provide information that should streamline the planning process. 

  • Reusable Trip Plan Template - This Google Doc is a reusable template to plan your trip out ahead of time.
  • Trip Plan Example and Trip Planning Questions are good references when planning a trip.
  • Pre-Trip Email Template (includes COVID protocol) - This is a template that can be used to prepare your participants for the trip beforehand. 
  • CMC Track File Manager - This track file system is designed to provide CMC members with the capability to store and share track files, i.e. GPX files, in a single Cloud-based repository.
  • COTREX or CalTopo - Two really great resources to help you pick an area, check for county closures, create a route, and figure out hazards (Note: Slope Angle Shading is an amazing resource for determining Avalanche Terrain). 
  • NOAA and Mountain Forecast - Two incredibly accurate weather forecasts to help with your trip planning needs.
  • CAIC and OpenSnow - For those leaders and instructors leading in winter, these two resources are your greatest guides for planning. 

Running a Trip

These forms and rules are used during the actual trip.

Common Forms

All leaders should carry blank copies of these forms to fill out before and after a hike. All guests (hike attendees who are not members of the CMC) must sign a Guest Liability Waiver. It is not uncommon for a CMC member to show up at a hike with an unannounced friend or relative. 

Emergency Forms

In the event of an emergency during a led CMC trip, the leader should contact the appropriate authorities immediately. The CMC should also be contacted as soon as possible. The CMC Emergency Action Plan provides specific information on contacting the CMC and how the CMC will respond. This CMC Emergency Contact Card can be printed out and carried by CMC leaders. It contains a condensed set of instructions to be followed during an emergency. The CMC emergency number (269-384-1056) is printed at the top of all trip rosters. Copies of the Emergency First Aid Checklist and Report Form should be in every leader’s first aid kit. This form provides a simple way to track a patient’s status and hand off that information to medical technicians. Copies of the Head-To-Toe assessment diagram and checklist, along with the Patient Assessment Form should also be carried for reference in case of a medical incident.

For Denver Group Only: The Denver Group’s Safety and Leadership Committee has developed recommended guidelines on determining whether to evacuate a sick or injured participant.

Leader in Training Forms

Decided to mark your trip as a LIT so a potential leader can get some experience? Good for you. Please read the LIT Guidelines before the trip and make sure the LIT is aware of your expectations. The Leader In Training should arrive at the hike with a copy of the LIT Evaluation Form already filled out. The leader simply needs to go down the list and check off the LIT’s accomplishments.

Additional Forms

The Trail Head Check List can be used during a hike to make sure that all important steps are accomplished on the trail. Certain parking areas (such as St Mary’s Glacier) will give a discount to CMC members or you may be required to identify your vehicle. The CMC member vehicle tag can be printed out and placed on the vehicle’s dashboard. Whistle Protocol Recommendation for Leaders & Members.

Forms & Documents

These documents are either rarely needed or have been depreciated. They should not be required during a typical trip or class. But, we wanted to provide them in case certain situations do come up.

Check Request

Denver Group Trip Leader New Member Support Kit – 2019-2020

Roxborough State Park Daily Hike Permit Application (download then complete using Adobe Acrobat)

Instructor’s Beginner Snowshoe Trip Kit 2020