Public Lands Resources

Leave-No-Trace Principle # 1: Know before you go! This is your go-to page for questions about operating on public lands. School Directors can stay up to date on permit requirements for school field days, and trip leaders can find resources for planning their next trip.

CMC Guide to Permits

Permits are required anytime the Colorado Mountain Club charges a fee for a school or activity that takes place on public lands. This is a resource for School Directors looking to obtain permits for their school. Some of our processes have changed, so please read through the entirety of this document before requesting permits for your school. 


CMC Guide Rendezvous Open Space

The Rendezvous Open Space property is a private tract of land located near Winter Park, CO. It serves as an additional venue for CMC schools that have had difficulty obtaining permits with other land management agencies. Read on to learn how to reserve the program area for your trip or school field day. 

If you have a question, please contact the CMC Permit Coordinator:



Available for free on either your desktop or mobile device, COTREX offers the most comprehensive trail map available for the state. It is constantly being updated with data from over 230 land managers. Land use restrictions are ever-changing due to COVID-19, so we recommend consulting this data when planning your next trip or school field day.