Trip and Class Admin

Learning a new database can be hard. So, we've tried to make the instructions as simple as they can be. This system is your one-stop-shop to preparing, planning, and organizing your trips or classes! What you decide to add in the trip or class will be outward facing for CMC members. So, it's quite important to know how to do it well and efficiently so the member and leader can have the best user-experience.

How to Manage Trips 

So, you've become a trip leader or an instructor, now what? As a trip leader, you get access to our exclusive Trip Admin, an exclusive access database that allows for editing, creating, and duplicating trips, events, and classes. This following document will also help you learn how to manage your trip roster. Whether you're helping someone cancel, adding someone from the waitlist, or adding a guest, you can learn all the tips and tricks necessary to facilitate a smooth trip or class. This document includes how to:

How to Define and Manage Trips

Need help with some of the nuances of the website? This document was created by formed Trip Leader School Director, Jeff Stevens. It provides a really thorough guide to all of the tiny details to remember when defining and managing trips at the CMC website. The purpose of this document is to show the trip leader:

If you are having problems using the CMC website to manage trips, please email for help. If you have suggestions on how to improve this document, please contact