Hiking & Trekking

From easy, low-elevation destinations to conditioning hikes where you'll reach a summit, we have a hike or backpack trip for you. Learn about our beginning hiker and backpacking seminars to help you be prepared before heading out.

Day hiking courses

Intro to Hiking Safety
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This course is great for anyone new to Colorado or new to the Colorado outdoors. Participants will learn how to be safe in the Colorado backcountry. Even if you are a proficient mountaineer from other mountain states, the Colorado mountains present very unique challenges. From high altitude concerns to intensely fast weather changes, learn how to prepare yourself and your group for a fun day in the Colorado mountains. 

Typically Offered: This course is currently offered by our Denver Group in late June, July, and September. 

Find out more here: Intro to Hiking Safety

Day Hiker School

beautiful-colorful-colorado-rocky-mountain-autumn-scenery-mt-sneffels-san-juan-mountains-sunrise-view-dallas-134928703.jpgDay Hiker School (DHS) is for all who wish to hike safely in Colorado. It is a segment-based program – combining online class and group work with in-person field days. The school is intended for ALL skill levels, from new hikers to experienced hikers who wish to brush up or fill holes in their skill set. The goal of DHS is to provide skills and create confidence when hiking in the beauty that is Colorado.

Find out more here: Day Hiker School

Ascending Hikes

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This course provides an opportunity to make new friends, explore more of Colorado's hiking trails, and increase your hiking speed and stamina. We’ll even offer a couple of High Peak climbs just for Ascending Hikes Participants at the end of the season! Hikes start off easy and gradually progress in length and difficulty so you're ready to tackle new challenges by the end of the summer. You can jump in or out anytime since all other hikes are posted as regular trips.


This course is currently offered by our Denver Group in late June, July, and September. 

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Wilderness skills

Wilderness Trekking School


Wilderness Trekking School (WTS) is for all – whether you want to bag a few 14ers – OR just want to enjoy the scenery and make new friends in the CMC. Students are all ages, from 18 to 70+. If you’re new to hiking, WTS gives you the opportunity to learn how to travel safely – and with confidence – in the backcountry. If you’re an experienced hiker, WTS gives you a chance to review, enhance your skills, and possibly fill in some gaps. WTS also fulfills one of the requirements for a Denver Group C hiker classification and for taking Backpacking School.


This course is currently offered by the Denver branch in the Spring and Fall. 

Find out more here: Wilderness Trekking School


Wilderness Trekking Course