Stay safe in the outdoors! Join one of the schools below to learn wilderness survival skills.

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Wilderness Survival SchoolThe Wilderness Survival School is designed to provide the skills and self-confidence to increase your odds of survival in an unexpected stay in the wilderness. 



Winter Wilderness Survivial Course, Risk ManagementWinter Wilderness Survival: A classroom session held in Colorado Springs to discuss gear and concepts of surviving an overnight in the Colorado winter, followed by overnight practice.


BIMbadge.pngBackcountry Incident Management School:Provides a realistic, hands-on experience intended to minimize any unintended consequences of a medical or backcountry emergency by employing more effective skills and techniques.


Winter Camping Course, Camping; BackpackingWinter Camping School: The Winter Camping School concentrates on the fundamental understanding, equipment and techniques to keep warm in cold environment on an overnight stay. Skills learned in this school are applicable for anyone who plans to spend time in the winter wilderness including hikers, snowshoers, campers, climbers and skiers. It does not teach high altitude glaciated techniques, but it provides solid foundation that can be expanded to camping over timberline.