WFA Instructor Program

Volunteer as a WFA instructor. Become certified in Wilderness First Aid. Participate in our instructor training program. Share your skills & give back to the Club!

APPLY NOW to join our cohort of WFA instructors! 


Requirements to teach WFA

  • Certified in Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or higher
  • Complete instructor training including shadowing classes, online coursework, and an in-person practice session
  • Commit to teaching a minimum of 2 classes per year

Preferred Competencies

  • Volunteer or professional medical experience 
  • Outdoor education or teaching experience 

Benefits of teaching WFA

  • Receive a Volunteer Leadership Benefit 
  • Learn a new perspective on wilderness medicine 
  • Share your skills & give back to the Club

Expectations of teaching WFA

  • Goal of teaching 2-4 classes over the next year 
  • Ability to manage a group of students
  • Lead hands-on skill scenarios 
  • Deliver inclusive training that is relevant to individuals from a variety of backgrounds 
  • Engaging public speaker 

Logistics for teaching WFA

  • When: Every month there are 2 WFA courses. Courses are held on the weekends from 9am-6pm with a 1-hour lunch break. 
  • Where: Typically held in Golden, but there are opportunities for classes in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Glenwood Springs, and more. 
  • Who: Class sizes range from 10-30 students. Larger classes will have multiple instructors. Students are a mix of members and non-members with different experience levels.


Contact for more information or with any questions.